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Safe @ Home is proud to provide our customers in Windsor Essex and Chatham Kent with Handicare and Acorn Stairlifts and QuickTub bathtub conversions.

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Acorn Stairlifts

Why Buy From Us?

Safe @ Home is proud to provide Acorn straight stair lifts to customers in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent. Getting a stair lift is a simple process. In one visit to your home, we will measure, discuss your needs and provide a free written quote. There’s never any pressure when buying from Safe @ Home. We encourage you to think about your purchase and when you are ready, simply call to confirm. We never ask for a deposit… you can pay for your purchase in full when the installation is complete and we have shown you and your loved ones how to operate your new lift with confidence.

Free Extended Warranty

Every Acorn lift comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and gearbox and one year parts and labour on everything else. Safe @ Home doubles the warranty to two years at no extra charge.

New Rebates

There are now a total of 40% in government tax credits and rebates for Ontario Seniors purchasing stair lifts and ramps throughout 2022. Why wait!

QuickTub Bath Conversion System

Fast and affordable without the mess of a renovation, we’ll cut away a section of your tub allowing you to safely step through, instead of over the bath wall. Steel, fibreglass, and acrylic tubs can all be cut in just a few hours and you can use it the next day!

Quick Tub is the only reversible bath system.

You can switch back to a functional sit down bathtub in seconds with the optional QuickTub Cap. Slip it on, close the chrome handles and voila, your bathtub is back! Purchase it now or in the future if you decide to sell.

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